According to RBI, some important features of Paytm will be closed from 29th February.

Ever since RBI has issued these guidelines, a question is coming in people's mind whether Paytm App will also be closed.

Paytm itself has made an official announcement on this and has said that only the Wallet Air Paytm Payments Bank facilities may be canceled due to some personal reasons.

It has come to light through social media that this big decision has been taken by Paytm for not paying tax to the Government of India for a long time.

But a question is arising in the minds of people that whether Paytm will now eat up all the money that people have lying inside it.

So for your information, let me tell you that you should withdraw all the money from your Paytm bank and wallet before 29th February.

Because after 29th February you can neither deposit nor withdraw money from Paytm Bank and Paytm Wallet.

After these guidelines of RBI, there has been a decline in the share price of Paytm.

Paytm shares have seen a decline of 10% in a day.

Image Credit- Unsplash

You people have no need to fear, Paytm will still work as it was working before, only you will be deprived of two facilities.

Image Credit- Unsplash

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